This is a website about the ecology of animals habitat in ice and snow. Ecology is about the study of living things, the relation of living things and where they live. This website provides some ecological information of arctic animals; animals living in snowy weather. This is an informative website on ecology and ice and snow. This website elaborates general information about the animals habitat in the snowy region. This website`s information explores the informative and the real life of the arctic animals living on snowy land or mountains.

The Arctic is an extremely cold, windy, icy, polar weather. The Arctic is the area around the Earth's North Pole. It includes parts of Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway as well as the Arctic Ocean. Ecology can be in different region and climate. Animals lives in ice and snowy places can be called winter ecology.

Snow and ice is a crucial part of the animals life living on snowy land or mountains. More information on snow can be found from this site. Ice and snow is present and needed in their habitat.

Many arctic animals permanent habitats are on the snowy, icy land. They survive in the cold climate region because of their well adapted body. Their future depends on the protection of the arctic environment from pollution. These animals needs the snowy climate in their habitat. This is a fact to their real life because their habitat includes the cold climate.

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