Disadvantages of Networks

All these could be summarized as below:

  1. If a network file server develops a fault, then users may not be able to run application programs
  2. A fault on the network can cause users to loose data (if the files being worked upon are not saved)
  3. If the network stops operating, then it may not be possible to access various resources
  4. Users work-throughput becomes dependent upon network and the skill of the systems manager
  5.  It is difficult to make the system secure from hackers, novices or industrial espionage
  6.  Decisions on resource planning tend to become centralized, for example, what word processor is used, what printers are bought, e.t.c.
  7.  Networks that have grown with little thought can be inefficient in the long term.
  8.  As traffic increases on a network, the performance degrades unless it is designed properly
  9. Resources may be located too far away from some users
  10.  The larger the network becomes, the more difficult it is to manage.