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Below are two (2) tree diagram with a break down of the threats. It should be noted that there are overlaps in each category.

Diagram 1.1


  • Eavesdropping: A common occurrence in networked computers over the internet. This could be when sending mails or transferring of files. It can be done by using an equipment to listen or access information across lines.
  • Wiretapping : This is done over the internet with the use of special instrument to tap lines going across networks over the internet for the purpose of gathering  secret information about either an organization or person.


This has two classes:

1.  Hardware         2.  Software.

Hardware: The physical threat to hardware relates to accidental/natural disaster or deliberate damage, war outbreak, earthquake, fire outbreak, flooding, windstorm, electrical spark, internal/external sabotage, theft, equipment break down and air crash.

Software: Software threats refers to among others data corruption, fraudulent activity or for political reason. It covers file deletion so that files cannot be traced because there was for example manipulation of figures or could be deleted to cover up a crime. What could also occur is that due to the manufacturer’s shortcoming  in relation to design, there was an error of omission or an incompetent user or a curious individual could cause a program error.

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