Disadvantages of network

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Although there are severel advantages in Networking there are some disadvantages also confronted. Mainly the user become dependent upon them - if any problem arise in net work many users can not do their works. A back up server needs to overcome this problem. an error in network will stop the usage of peripherals. Segmentation of net work reduces the whole brakedown of an office or work.

The efficiency of the Network depends on the skill of the system Manager. Badly managed network is worser than the non net worked computers.

List of main disadvantages.

- If Sever develops a fault then users may not be able to run the application programs.

- A fault in the network can cause user to lose the data.

-If the network stops operating then it may not be possible to access to various computers.

- It is difficult to make the system secure from hackers, novices or industrial espionage.

- Decisions on resource planning tend to become centralized.

- Networks that have grown with little thought can be inefficient in the long term.

-As traffic increases on a network the performance degrades unless it is designed properly.

- The larger the network becomes difficult to manage.


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