Other People's Houses: Somali House: Hawl Iyo Dheqan Wadaag

Photo: Tawakal

TH2000 will develop six living "house museums" as showcases of ethnic and cultural crafts and traditions preserving and celebrating the transmission of the older culture and as a stimulus to the new. Representing Tower Hamlets' principal cultural traditions - Bengali, Chinese, Cockney, Jewish, Somali and Afro-Caribbean. SCRETA, the Somali Cultural Revival & Employment Training Association, will transform St Georg's Hall into a centre of Somali life and culture for the young and old alike. Friday 6 October from 4:30-8:30pm and Saturday 7 October from 12noon-6:00pm. St George's Hall, Cable Street, E1. Entry: £4 (includes traditional Somali Food). Tickets on the door only.