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I'm the Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise) in the School of Computing, Information Technology and Engineering at the University of East London with oversight of research and knowledge exchange activities within the school. My main role is Research leader for the school.

As well as personal research and teaching, I'm involved in outreach activities, for details, see the UEL's I am a fellow of the BCS and HEA. I am a member of the ACM, BCSWomen's Committee, BCS Open Source Specialist Group and serve on its committee as events co-ordinator, and IEEE CS.

If you are interested in working in the Centre for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS), contact me. Here is information about the UROS CODEX Project which I am keen to recruit collaborators to, especially students.

I'm running again in the Race for Life. Please visit my Race for Life fundraising page to sponsor me.

I won a Pass-it-on award to produce another WSET newsletter. More details on the Anita Borg Institute web site.

I am on the Programme Committee/Organising Committee for various conferences/workshops, the most recent are listed below:

I have a number of post graduate students. Resources that I have prepared for post graduates can be found here. I am research co-ordinator and leader of the Distributed Software Engineering Group at UEL where we have established the Centre for Research in Open Source Software (CROSS) and I am its Director. For my full address details click here.

My recent research publications are listed here, or try


Some of my recent seminars/presentations are listed here.

Some local research references are listed below:

Grid Related References

OSS Libre Software References

Web pages associated with my teaching can be found below:

  1. Advanced Software Engineering
  2. Photo of SEG 2 at IBM Sept 1999

  3. Independent Study Unit
  4. Operating Systems Architecture

I was the organiser of the Software Engineering Group project at Durham for a number of years. In 1998-99, my SEG won the IBM ThinkPad Challenge. Here we are at IBM just after the event.

Past research projects which I have had include:

JISC/JTAP CSSEC Developing a Virtual Community for Student Groupwork 1996-1998
TLIAG SEGWorld Teaching & Learning: Network-Based Support for Software Engineering Group projects 1997-1998
BT WEB World-Wide Web Maintenance and Evolution 1996-1999
REMAIN Re-Use and Maintenance of Designs with Steven Bradley funded by British Steel 1998-1999
TCS Philips Teaching Company Scheme with Philips Components, Washington, with Steven Bradley funded by EPSRC/DTI and Philips 1998-2000 Project details
CARD Computer-Aided Roll Design funded by EPSRC (under SEBPC) 1998-2001
EURO BIG Business Informatics Guild funded by ERDF 1998-2001 part of the Business-ict Project (Bi z-kit)
Web-SEM Web Site Evaluation Metrics with the Centre for Internet Computing, Uni versity College Scarborough (UCS) funded by UCS Feb 2000-Dec 2000 Dalton's Workbench
INSIDE An Institutionally Secure Integrated Data Environment with the School of Computer Science ,University of St Andrews funded by JISC 2000-2002 Project Website
tags workspace
TCS CACDP Teaching Company Scheme with The Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People, Durham, with Liz Burd funded by EPSRC/DTI and CACDP 2000-2002
Co-DEEDS Collaborative Determination, Elaboration and Evolution of Design Spaces, ROPA proposal EPSRC ROPA project funded 2001-2003 Project papers
Suregrave-TCS Teaching Company Scheme with Suregrave, Joint Project with Mathematical Sciences funded by EPSRC/DTI and Suregrave (UK) Ltd. 2002-2004 Project Workspace(BSCW)

Past EU Framework and Esprit funded projects:

LeGE-WG Learning Grid of Excellence Working Group Thematic Network funded by the European Commission 2002-2004 Project Workspace(SiteScape) LeGE-WG website CLRC Project Website Greek LeGE-WG website Durham paper
IST-2000-29380 GENESIS GEneralised eNvironment for procEsS management in cooperative Software Engineering (GENESIS) RTD project funded by the European Commission and project partners 2001-2003 Project Workspace Durham webpages Durham publications
AMES Application Management Environments and Support 1993-96
P1094 Practitioner with ABB, CRI and PCS 1987 - 1991

Current and new projects which have recently begun:

EU Co-ordination Action CALIBRE: Co-ordination Action for Libre Software Engineering for Open Development Platforms for Software and Services 2004-2006 CWE, hosted at Lincoln.
DfES SET for Work Development of Cross Year Mentoring for Women in Computing and SET 2005-2007 WSET, hosted at Lincoln.
Keystone-KTP Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Keystone Software Development Ltd. funded by EPSRC/DTI and Keystone Software Development Ltd. 2005-2007


Other interests:

My Blog on Engineering of Web-based Applications

Photo Album

Women in SET @ Lincoln

Roman E. Boldyreff

BCF Engineering, Inc

My full coordinates are as follows:

Prof. Cornelia Boldyreff, PhD, FBCS, FHEA

Associate Dean (Research and Enterprise)

School of Computing, Information Technology and Engineering (CITE),

University of East London, Dockland Campus,

4 - 6 University Way, London E16 2RD


telephone: + 44 (0)20 8223 2368

fax: + 44 (0)20 8223 2963

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